Spiritual Awakening

Past Life and Between Lives Regression

A Past Life Regression (PLR) is the retrieval of memories and experiences that occurred in other lifetimes. We tap into the inner mind to gather knowledge and understanding of the deeper aspects of our personality and character. This wisdom often brings higher awareness, healing, change and understanding. Your soul will reincarnate or experience many different lifetimes before its journey is complete. Each life time or incarnation adds to your soul's memories and development. The process of reincarnation happens each time a soul enters a new lifetime. When you experience a past life regression, you are actually going back to the memories of one of your previous lives.

Between Lives spiritual regression is a way of experiencing your Soul's existence in the afterlife in between incarnations. It is a profound experience into the realms of true expanded consciousness.


At Imagine Hypnotics, past life and between lives regression are our specialty programs. Our tailored inductions, deepening and guiding techniques will gently navigate you back to another time and another place allowing you to fully experience and apply the wisdom, lessons and learning from a previous life to your current life often illuminating your life path with new found clarity, better choices and a deeper understanding of purpose.


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